Invitation to Submit Manuscripts

American Journal of Health Studies (AJHS) invites original contributions in the field of health education and promotion.  Manuscripts accepted for publication must directly relate to one or more of the ten responsibilities identified for Certified Health Education Specialists. Submitted manuscripts are reviewed by three members of the Editorial Board in a double-blind peer review process with the understanding that they have not been submitted for publication elsewhere. When submitting a manuscript for review, the author(s) should indicate which of the following five formats was followed in the preparation of the manuscript.

The AJHS is particularly interested in comprehensive literature reviews, meta-analyses, theory driven intervention studies, comprehensive case studies, and thoughtful commentaries on the topics listed above. The journal is committed to publishing manuscripts that enhance the practice of health education and health promotion. Guidelines to submit manuscripts are provided below.


Feature Articles: Feature articles are limited to a length of 30 pages, including tables, figures, and references.  Manuscripts in this format can include reports of empirical research, critical reviews of the literature on a specific topic, and a discussion of ethical issues in health education and promotion.


Case Studies: Case study articles, limited to 20 pages, evolve around the planning, implementation, and evaluation of health education and promotion programs. Case studies should include a section discussing program rationale, the organizational setting of the program, design and implementation, program outcome measures (if available), and discussion.


Commentaries: Commentaries are designed to allow expository writing on contemporary issues and concerns.  Length should not exceed 20 pages.

  Manuscript Submission Requirements

Manuscripts to the American Journal of Health Studies are accepted in electronic forms only (e-mail attachment or on disk).  Authors should provide a clear indication as to which format (e.g., feature article, practical perspectives) the article conforms.  Manuscripts should be typed, double spaced, and on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper with 1 inch margins. Page restrictions identified above include footnotes, references, tables (<4), figures (<4), and illustrations. Specific requirements are discussed below.


First Title Page: This page should include: 1) main title not to exceed 80 characters including spaces; 2) author names, degrees, and institutional affiliations; 3) corresponding author(s)'s mailing address, phone and FAX number, and internet e-mail address.


Second Title Page: This page should include: 1) main title; 2) an abstract of no more than 100 words, all author identification should be removed.


References: References should conform to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th Edition). Below are examples of entries for a journal article, a book, and a chapter in an edited book.


Elements of a reference to a periodical:

Spetch, M. L., & Wilkie, D. M. (1983). Subjective shortening: A model of pigeons’ memory for event duration. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 9, 14-30.


Elements of a reference to an entire book:

Bernstein, T. M. (1995). The careful writer: A modern guide to English usage. New York: Atheneum.


Elements of a reference to an article or chapter in an edited book:

Hartley, J. T., Harker, J. O., & Walsh, D.A. (1980). Contemporary issues and new directions in adult development of learning and memory. In L. W. Poon (Ed.), Aging in the 1980s: Psychological issues (pp. 239-252).  Washington, DC:  American Psychological Association.


Illustrations: Artwork depicting graphs, figures, model diagrams, or illustrations must be professionally prepared and submitted in a camera-ready format. Reproductions or photocopies are not acceptable.


Send to:  Manuscripts and questions should be sent to Brenda Jamerson, Editor, by email:



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