American Journal of

Health Studies

2016 Volume 31-4

The following articles were published in 2016 Volume 31.3 of the American Journal of Health Studies.  You must be an AJHS subscriber to be able to log in to view them.  If you experience any difficulties in opening any of the files please notify The Publisher

  The Cover Page of 2016 31-4

  Understanding Health Care Brokering Among Young and Middle-Aged Adults; James W. Ball, Ph.D., Jennifer Banas, Ed.D., Matthew R. Bice, Ph.D.

 Measuring Student Perceptions of University Tobacco-Free Policy: The Campus Tobacco-Free Policy ScaleRonald D. Williams, Jr., PhD, CHES, Timothy F. Day, MS, Michael E. Hall, PhD, CHES, Barry P. Hunt, EdD

 Two-Year Update on ACHA-NCHA II Results Following the Implementation of a Sexual Assault Violence Prevention and Awareness Campaign at a State-Supported Regional University; Mandi Dupain PhD, Julie Ann Lombardi, P.E.D., Sandra Echeverria, PhD, MPH

  Predicting U.S. Adolescent Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: Which Socio-Ecological Factors Matter?; Mary Odum, Ph.D., CHES, Jeff M. Housman, Ph.D., MCHES., Ronald D. Williams, Jr., Ph.D., CHES, James M. Bishop, M.Ed., CHES, Sheri Burson, M.Ed., CHES

  Direct Observation of Searching for Online Health Information: A Systematic Review of Current Evidence; Paul Branscum PhD, RD, Logan Hayes MS, CHES, Lorraine Wallace, PhD

  A Mixed Methods Analysis of Workplace Health Promotion at Small, Rural Workplaces; Gretchen Macy, EdD, MPH, Cecilia Watkins, PhD, CHES


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