American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 22.1

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  Perceptions of Physical and Psychosocial Aspects of a Safe School Lynne Edmondson, PhD, Joyce V. Fetro, PhD, Judy C. Drolet, PhD, & Dale O. Ritzel, PhD

  Sleep Among Early Adolescent StudentsJames A. Teufel, MPH, Stephen L. Brown, PhD, & David A. Birch, PhD

  Patterns and Correlates of Body Image Dissatisfaction and Distortion Among College Students; Kimberly Y. Z. Forrest, PhD, & Wendy L. Stuhldreher, PhD

  Commuting Behaviors, Obesity Risk and the Built Environment; Vanessa Moczulski, MPH, Shari McMahan, PhD, Jie Weiss, PhD, William Beam, PhD, & Laura Chandler, MPH

  Reported Alcohol Use and Perception of Use Among Early Adolescents; Stephen L. Brown, PhD, James A. Teufel, MPH, David A. Birch, PhD, Sujan Raj, MD, Neil Izenberg, MD, D’Arcy Lyness, PhD, & Vijaya Kancherla, MS

  Changes in Women's Physical Activity Over Their Freshman Year of College; Nichole B. Randall, MS, Jennifer L. Han, MA, Mary K. Dinger, PhD, Kristiann C. Heesch, DrPH, David A. Fields, PhD, & Allen W. Knehans, PhD

  "We Didn't Have Sex...Did We?" College Students Perceptions of Abstinence; Robin G. Sawyer, PhD, Donna E. Howard, DrPH, Jessica Brewster-Jordan, BA, Melissa Gavin, & Marla Sherman

  Managing Stress: What Consumers Want to Know From Health Educators; Edward V. Wallace, PhD

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