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Health Studies

Volume 21.3 & 21.4

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  Instrument Construction for Measuring Intention to Obtain AED Training Martin L. Blackburn, MS & Phillip J. Waite, PhD

  Impact of a College Course on Perceptions of Terrorism Preparedness ActivitiesSusan M. Farner, PhD & Stephen J. Notoro, PhD

  Psychological Perceptions to Walking, Water Aerobics and Yoga in College Students; Bing Wei, PhD, Marcus Kilpatrick, PhD, Millie Naquin, PhD, & Diane Cole, MA

  Faith-Based Prevention Model: A Rural African-American Case Study; Adam E. Barry, MS, Mary S. Sutherland, EdD, & Gregory J. Harris, MASS

  Health Teacher Perceptions and Teaching Practices Regarding Disordered Eating Behaviors in High School Students; Amy Thompson, PhD, Carla Smith, PhD, Barry Hunt, EdD, & Cathy Sharp, MS

  New Model for Predicting Adolescents' Sexual Intentions;  Huey-Ling Lin, PhD, A. J. Guarino, PhD, Jeffrey Gorrell, PhD, & Tina Vazin, PhD

  Maintaining Physical Activity: Lessons for Educators;  Kerry Whipple, PhD, Joyce Fetro, PhD, Kathleen Welshimer, PhD, & Judy Drolet, PhD

  Behavioral Risk Factors and Socio-Demographic Characteristics: Municipal Community Needs Assessment Data; Karan P. Singh, PhD, Sejong Bae, PhD, Witold M. Migala, PhD, Dimple Patel, MPH, Jingsheng Yan, PhD, Patrick A. Rivers, & Michael J. Kazda, MA

  The Hippocratic Oath, V2.0: Using Focus Groups in Health Care Policy; Mehmet C. Oz, MD, Nancy Desmond, MS, Georg N. Herlitz, MD, JD, David H. Winston, MA, Gray Harden Raniella, BA, & Honorable Newton L. Gingrich, PhD

  Cultural Competence in the Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases; Leslie R. Boone, MPH, Robert M. Mayberry, MPH, PhD, Joseph R. Betancourt, MD, MPH, Patrick C. Coggins, PhD, JD, & Elleen M. Yancy, PhD.

  Let's Play It Safe: Using a Team Approach to Curriculum Development; Tess D. Ford, PhD, Kim Sanders, MBA, & Jennifer Zeien, MA

  Wellness Factors in First Year College Students; Janna LaFountaine, MS, Mary Neisen, RN, & Rachelle Parsons, PhD

  Effects of Cognitive Dissonance on Intentions to Change Diet and Physical Activity Among College Students; Michael Stellefson, MS, Zhongmiao Wang, PhD, & William Klein, PhD

  Use of Social Ecology Model to Address Alcohol Use Among College Athletes; Ronald D. Williams, Jr., PhD, Michael A. Perko, PhD, Don Belcher, PhD, Deidre D. Leaver-Dunn, PhD, Stuart L. Usdan, PhD, & James D. Leeper, PhD

  A Preliminary Awareness Study of Tobacco Issues Among College Students; Matthew Lee Smith, MPH, Trent Applegate, HSD, & Dong-Chul Seo, PhD

  Linking Research to Health Promotion in Texas Colonias; Carmen Sumaya, MPH, Genny Carrillo-Zuniga, MD, Matthew Kelley, MPH, Marlynn May, PhD, Li Zhu, PhD, & K.C. Donnelly, PhD

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