American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 18.4

Special Edition - The Health of Women of Color

Department of Community Health and Preventive Medicine

Morehouse School of Medicine

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  Introduction; Patricia Rodney, MPH, PhD (Special Editor)

  Collaborative Research and Reproductive Health Outcomes Among African American Women; Fleda Mask Jackson, PhD & Mon Taylor Phillips, PhD

  Readability of Educational Materials Targeting CVD Risk Factors in African Americans and Women; Denethia B. Sellers, PhD, Melva Thompson-Robinson, PhD, Deborah Parra-Medina, PhD, Sara Wilcox, PhD, Natarsha L. Thompson, MPH, CHES, & Julie, C. Will, PhD

  The Role of Spirituality in Preventing Early Sexual Behavior; Willa M. Doswell, PhD, Malick Kouyate, EdD, & Jerome Taylor, PhD

  Improving Community Capacity to Develop Cancer Awareness Programs; Zul Surani, BS, Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati, MPH, PhD, Roshan Bastani, PhD, & Brian Montano, MPH

  Increasing Organizational Capacity for Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening of AAPI Women; Karen Rezai, MPH, Tu-Uyen Nguyen, MPH, Lisa Fu, BA, & Marjorie Kagawa-Springer, PhD

  Stay Beautiful/Stay Alive: A Successful Approach to Community-Based Participatory Research; Selina A. Smith, PhD, Sandra Hamilton, MEd, Joyce Q. Sheats, MPH, Ernest Mensah, MS, Funmi Apantaku, MS, & Louis W. Sullivan, MD

  Evaluating the Women's HIV/AIDS Resources Project as a Model for Establishing Transnational Community-based Partnerships; Patricia Rodney, MPH, PhD & Telisha Miller, MPH

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