American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 18.1

The following articles were published in Volume 18.1 of the American Journal of Health Studies.  All articles have been indexed in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) for your viewing.  If you experience any difficulties in opening any of the files please notify The Publisher.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it free of charge from the following link:  Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Using the Responsibilities of the Health Educator to Rate Journals in the Field Roberta E. Donahue, PhD, CHES, et al.

  Measuring Impaired Driving Behaviors of College Students: Development and Reliability of the Impaired Driving Assessment Stuart L. Usdan, PhD, CHES, Joseph E. Schumacher, PhD, Cecelia McNamara, PhD, & Jeffrey M. Bellis, PhD

  Rape Myth Acceptance Among Intercollegiate Student Athletes:  A Preliminary Examination; Robin G. Sawyer, PhD, Estina E. Thompson, PhD, & Anne Marie Chicorelli, MPH

  The Potency of Health Promotion versus Disease Prevention Messages in a College Population; Craig M. Becker, PhD, Shari McMahan, PhD, Jennifer Etnier, PhD, & J. Ron Nelson, PhD

  Using Theory in Curriculum Development: The Future Selves CurriculumStephen Nagy, PhD

  The Effects of Exercise on Birth Weight: A Meta-Analysis;  Eddie T.C. Lam, PhD, Jill M. Black, PhD, CHES, Kathleen D. Little, PhD, Judith Ausherman, EdD, CHES, & Codruta Rafiroiu, MD, PhD

  Comparison of a 5-A-Day Social Marketing Intervention and School Based Curriculum; Rosemary Thackeray, PhD, MPH, Brad L. Neiger, PhD, CHES, Heather Leonard, Joan Ware, MSPH, Gregory J. Stoddard, MPH

  Analyzing Focus Group Data with Spreadsheets; Margaret S. Stockdale

  Volume 18.1, CHES Review Activity for Continuing Education Contact Hours

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