American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 15.4

The following articles were published in Volume 15.4 of the American Journal of Health Studies.  All articles have been indexed in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) for your viewing.  If you experience any difficulties in opening any of the files please notify The Publisher.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it free of charge from the following link:  Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  America's Aging Workforce: Ergonomic Solutions for Reducing the Risk of CTDs;  Sherri McMahan and Kimari Phillips

  Area Specific Self-Esteem and Adolescent Sexual Behavior;  Michael Young, George Denny, and Caile Spear 

  A Comparative Analysis of Television Food Advertisements and Current Dietary Recommendations;  Carol Byrd-Bredbenner and Darlene Grasso

  High School Suicide Postvention:  Recommendations for an Effective Program;  Keith A King

  Parent Involvement in Selected Components of the Coordinated School Health Program;  David A Birch and Bridget A. Hallock

  Trends of Public Knowledge and Attitudes Related to HIV/AIDS in Indiana;  Mohammad R. Torabi and Ifeng Jeng

  Volume 15.4 CHES Review Activity for Continuing Education Contact Hours

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