American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 14.2

The following articles were published in Volume 14.2 of the American Journal of Health Studies.  All articles have been indexed in PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader format) for your viewing.  If you experience any difficulties in opening any of the files please notify The Publisher.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download it free of charge from the following link:  Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  Community Partnership Development in a Rural Southern County:  A Case Study In African-American Leadership;  Mary S. Sutherland, Gregory J. Harris, David Foulk, and Linda J. Gessner

  Effects of an Educational Intervention on the Stress of a First Gynecological Exam;  Robin G. Sawyer, Paul J. Pinciaro, and Anne Anderson-Sawyer

  Using Behavior Staging to Evaluate the Economic effect of Worksite Health Promotion;  James D. Ramsay and Jane P. Jones

  HIV Testing Practices and Attitudes of College Students;  Amy L. Bernard and Alice Prince

  The Association between Family History and Participation in free Prostate Cancer Screening;  Carol A. Reis-Starr, Sally P. Weinrich, Dana Creanga, and Martin Weinrich

  A New Teaching Strategy to Involve Master's Students in Community Health;  David W. Coombs, Stuart Usdan, Leah Alexander, Jason Avery, Elizabeth Westfall, Tiffani Pierce, and Cornelia White

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