American Journal of

Health Studies

Volume 13.4

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  NCHEC and Its Responsibilities and Competencies Require Reexamination;  J. Thomas Butler

  Decrease Fat, Increase Calcium, A Mixes Nutrition Message for School-Aged Children;  Rachel K. Johnson, and Min Qi Wang

  Abbreviated Hare Self-Esteem Scale Internal Consistency and Factor Analysis;  R. Mark Kelley, George Denny, and Michael Young

  Athletics and Substance Use Among Public High School Students in a Southern State; Scott D. Winnail, Robert F. Valois, Marsha Dowda, Robert E. McKeown, Ruth P. Saunders, and Russell R. Pate

  Demographic Factors Associated with the Duration of Mothers' Breastfeeding;  Marvin M. Shelton, Min Qi Wang

  The Ohio Association of University Health Educators:  History and Development;  Randall R. Cottrell, Valerie A. Ubbes, and Jane Snider

 Qualitative Evaluation Techniques and Wellness Programming;  Tim Dunnagan, Michael Peterson, and John Wilson

  The History of the HEDIR: One Person's ViewMark J. Kittleson

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